Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New financial markets

Investing in clean energy is both an economic and a moral decision. From an economic perspective, constrained supplies of fossil fuels (not just Peak Oil, but also Peak Coal and Natural Gas) are leading to a permanent rise in the value of all forms of energy.
From a moral perspective, the vast majority of our children are limited to this one planet for generations to come (Renewable and Energy Efficiency) is a lying propaganda appealing for moral choices.
So you can invest on clean energies – there are thousands of shares to sell on worldwide stock market.
Shares on industries like:
Biofuels ,Biodiesel ,Ethanol, Biomass, Waste-to-Energy, Clean Transportation,Coal-to-Liquids,Electricity,Energy Storage , Batteries,Flywheel ,Hydrogen ,Environmental Markets, Fuel Cell ,Geothermal ,Hydro, Micro turbine, Ocean Power, Peak Fossil Energy, Solar ,Solar Photovoltaic ,Solar Thermal, Wind.
Just buy or sell in the name of morality.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Energy future market

The history of the international raw material market was marked by attempts of a producer’s corporations, with speculative operations and the international institutions to keep steady prices.

With the evolution of high costs of the raw materials became, thus, an essential concern of the governments and international organisms.

The world-wide economy was deeply marked by the actions of the OPEP, which, volatilizing prices became a new and excellent tool to the oil financial market.

The futures markets serve to a sufficiently useful economic intention: to supply a form by which the inherent risks to the economic activity - as markets demand, interest rates and taxes - can be transferred of the physical and legal people whom they desire to prevent them it those that may use assume them.

The risk that’s this economic activity has can be divided in two components: the intrinsic risk to the business in itself and the related risk the external factors.